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For my last semester in school I worked with some talented classmates to put together a Mayan temple scene. It was made in UE4 and took us about 2 months. I was in charge of a lot of the organic/jungle assets that we used in the level. Here are screen shots of the parts of the environment that I had a hand in. The B&W sections were modeled by other members of my group.   Colours in video look best when played using Firefox. Logo Study Free Download : 100 Unigrid vector icons How to Make a No Sew Tulle Flower for Headband Got a long list of ex lovers… they’ll tell you I’m insane Audrey Hepburn Style, 1958 LOOKBOOK  Vogue Magazine LONG SHADOW ON TEXT – 5 steps illustrator tutorial Charles Chaplin… Nunca te olvides de sonreír porque el día que no sonrías será un día perdido.